We specialize in importing the best quality TEAK from around the world. Our wood is selected at the source by experienced staff and meets the highest qualitative and legal standards. It is suitable both for the nautical industry and for the production of furniture and furnishings.

Timberlux srl was founded in 2014 by wood enthusiasts with the aim of launching a project dedicated to Teak (Tectona Grandis), a product particularly suitable for both high quality carpentry and the nautical industry.

At the basis of Timberlux's strategic choices there have always been the utmost attention to compliance with high quality standards and the satisfaction of the specific needs of its customers.

Historically the best quality teak came from Burma, known as Burma teak. However, in consideration of the political situation in Myanmar, Timberlux has deemed it important to seek new sources of supply and can now boast solid and lasting partnerships in various countries of the world.

Precisely to pursue its objectives of quality, customer satisfaction and compliance with European import regulations, Timberlux manages the entire supply chain: from quality control on the teak plants, carried out on site by highly specialized personnel, to production supervision, up to to placing on the market and import, with a particular focus on documentation related to the chain of custody.

The products can be supplied both directly from the countries of origin and from the Trieste warehouses.


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