JST® is natural Teak (Tectona Grandis), the worthy replacement to Burmese Teak: durable and resistant, it is ideal for marine applications.

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Burma (Myanmar) has historically been the most important source of supply of teak suitable for the marine industry but, in recent years, the importers had to face significant problems.
After the European sanctions of 21 June 2021, due to the coup d'état by the Military Junta, importing from Myanmar has become de facto illegal as this activity would lead to financing the military government.


JST® is the result of several years of research that Timberlux srl has conducted in the country of origin with the aim of offering to the market a valid alternative to Burmese teak, that could allow to operate ethically and in compliance with European and International regulations.


JST® is 100% natural product, which does not require chemical treatments to maintain its characteristics and it has a strong and consistent gold colour.


There is no way to compare it with resin products or other materials chemical threated.

It is comfortable to the touch and provides secure footing on boat decks in both wet and dry conditions: it is ideal for yachting applications.

JST® is a sustainable product, traceable and legal: it comes from naturalised forests well managed from government organizations since 1800.


It is FLEGT certified and complies with all European regulations (EUTR and UKTR), while FSC certification can be supplied on request.

With the aim of guaranteeing and protecting this product, JST® is a registered trademark.


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