JST® is natural Teak (Tectona Grandis), the worthy replacement to Burmese Teak: durable and resistant, it is
ideal for marine applications.

All shipments of JST® teak are verified using the Nature’s Barcode™ system to come only from Indonesian
plantation sources and FLEGT licensed.
 Exemple of the certification released - Click here 
Verified Product
Teak sawn timber

Tectona grandis

Origin of Harvest
Benefits of certification
Guarantee of species, traceability and compliance with EU regulations
at every stage of the supply chain.
Nature’s Barcode™ methodology
An independent third party has conducted a comprehensive risk assessment on this product.
This has included:

- Supply chain analysis to assess the level of traceability back to forest of harvest, and compliance of all entities in the supply chain against Indonesian legal requirements.

- Identification of any risk of species or origin substitution along the
supply chain.

- Document checks to ensure that only FLEGT-licensed Indonesian
plantation teak complying with EUTR is imported.

Document Traceability Checks

Document checks are performed on manufacturer log purchase, log transportation, log delivery and product export records for every shipment. This process maintains confidence that an unbroken chain of
custody exists linking product back to forest of origin, and a full set of legality documentation is produced for every shipment. The documentation corresponds to those expected under the EUTR for FLEGT-licensed imports from Indonesia.

DNA Testing

DNA testing of JST® Teak can be requested on demand. Tests will be conducted at the University of Adelaide independent laboratories, and are able to clearly differentiate between Indonesian teak and any other sources of teak from around the world.

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