Sustainability, Quality and Reliability

Sustainability is one of our main corporate values ​​and the attention to the environment characterizes every stage of our production. Our products come from the best teak plantations around the world

Timberlux Srl is equipped with a management, technical and administrative structure with decades of experience in the selection of Teak. We are pleased to meet our customers' expectations with the highest possible standards in terms of quality, price and delivery. 
 Its mission is to meet our customers' expectations with the highest possible standards in terms of quality, price and delivery.
In doing this, it always operates in a sustainable way and in compliance with regulations; to support this it has equipped itself with a rigorous licensing system that guarantees the legality and traceability of the wood used throughout the supply chain. Thanks to this it automatically meets the requirements of
European timber regulation.

All Teak exported from Indonesia is given a FLEGT license number which can be verified by the importing countries customs with Indonesian customs. This is a closed circuit intergovernmental system and not subject to commercial pressure.
Richiedi i nostri prodotti certificati FSC®
Timberlux is FSC® certified. Therefore can supply FSC® certified Teak on request.
LLOYD Register is a leading provider of classification and compliance services to the maritime industries, supporting clients to design, construct, operate, extend and decommission their assets safely and in line with environmental expectations.

LLOYD Register periodically issues Timberlux a certification of conformity of the JST®product to the specific gradings that can be used in the nautical industry. The checks, and consequently the certifications, are periodic precisely to guarantee qualitative consistency over time.
 Lloyd - Statement of Compliance - download
Double Helix offers a range of due diligence, supply chain verification, and certification services to help businesses meet sustainability challenges, and make decisions that support forests, nature, and the communities that depend upon them.

Through Nature's Barcode™ system, Double Helix verifies all JST® products and controls the entire supply chain, ensuring that the origin of the material is legal, and that all the current regulations on production, trade and export have been respected. This offers a guarantee of species, traceability and compliance with regulatory requirements at every stage of the supply chain.
For more information on the Nature's by Code by Double Helix system and the certification
obtained by Timberlux, follow this link
 Certification Nature's Barcode 
Sustainability is also economic and social
Initiating 360-degree sustainability actions is an integral part of Timberlux's work.
In the spirit of building lasting relationships with its partners and collaborators, based on mutual support, beneficial actions have in fact been activated directly in the countries of origin, actions that support local communities.
Timberlux recently supported with a donation “Doctors for Africa CUAMM”
Doctors with Africa CUAMM is the first ONG in the healthcare field recognized in Italy and the largest Italian organization for the promotion and protection of the health of African populations.
Carry out long-term projects with a development perspective. To this end, it is committed to training dedicated human resources in Italy and Africa, and to scientific research and dissemination
in the affirmation of the fundamental human right of health for all. There are essentially two objectives: to improve the state of health in Africa and to promote a positive and supportive attitude towards Africa.

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